Southern California Wedding and Portrait Photographers

When we started our company in 2002, pinterest, online tutorials or google did not exist. The only way we could get help is if we actually found a photographer that would be willing to share their experience and knowledge. We struggled for years trying to find the right gear, figuring out the best way to get what we needed from a session or wedding, and how to run the business overall. Once we felt we figured things out - we were more than anxious to share what we learned with others in the same boat.

We have mentored numerous people starting out their own photography business and others that needed a revamp of their current business. Everything from online mentoring, in studio mentoring and a few even flew Jennifer out to have her help them personally in their own studio.

If you feel like you are at a stand still or need someone to steer you in the right direction, contact us to see if we are a great fit!

One Hour Online: $195

three hour online: $500

Online Coaching

Four hours at our studio: $800

Nine hours at our studio: $1500

In-Person Coaching