Wedding Photography


couple walking at the Dana Point harbor after their wedding at the Ocean Institute.

How far in advance should I book a photographer for my wedding?

Most couples reserve their wedding photographers one year in advance. However, some have less time to plan, so feel free to contact us to see if we are available on your date.

Do I get to keep the digital files after the wedding?

Yes. All of our wedding packages include digital negatives from the wedding day.

You photographed my wedding a few years ago, is it too late to order an album?

No. We can make your wedding album any time. Some couples wait to give their wedding album as a 1st anniversary or Christmas gift.

I saw one of your weddings on YouTube, do you guys also do video?

We make slideshow videos for our couples that include short video clips throughout. We call these photo/video hybrids. We are not videographers, but we use our cameras to record short video clips to help tell the story of the wedding. This is included with every wedding package. We do not film continuously- if you want a wedding video with audio of the ceremony and toasts, we recommend hiring a videographer.  We have a few we work with closely and would be happy to refer you.

Do you guys have a photo booth?

Yes, we have an automated photo kiosk. Your guests will get a 4×6 print with 4 poses seconds after. You get to choose a 9′ backdrop from our collection and we will provide some fun props (wigs, glasses, signs, etc) The photo booth is an additional cost based on number of guests and hours needed.

Can I make payments?

Yes! We require a $1000 deposit (cash or check) and a signed contract to save your date. You can make monthly payments but the balance is due 14 days before your wedding day.

Maternity Portraits

Maternity portraits by Gilmore Studios in Costa Mesa, CA

When is the best time to take maternity portraits?

The location determines the best time of day.

How far along should I be when I take my maternity photos?

Most women do them at 30 to 35 weeks but it depends on how you are feeling and how big your belly is.

What kind of outfit do you recommend for my session?

Any outfit that accentuates your belly is great! We love flowing dresses. We have a few and are always adding to our collection.  Let us know if you need help in that department.

Newborn Portraits

mommy with newborn baby girl, wrap, Gilmore Studios


When should I book my newborn session?

The sooner you can get on the calendar, the better. We recommend before the baby is born.

How old should my baby be for his/her newborn session?

We prefer to photograph babies between 5-14 days old.  If they are older, no problem- we just can’t get some of the poses that we can  with younger newborns.

What props should I bring? 

We have everything here at the studio. If you have something you would like in the photograph, just let us know, but we have a lot.

How do I prepare for my newborn session?

Be sure to give them a bath and a full feeding before arriving to the studio. We will send you more detailed information once you have booked your session.

Does the session fee include digital files? 

No, the session fee is for the photographer’s time and talent only. Digital files and other photography products can be purchased a-la-carte. Jennifer has spent countless hours perfecting her craft by photographing hundred’s of babies and attending numerous newborn workshops around the country.

Do you have portrait packages for newborn photography?

Yes! Just ask for our product guide to view packages.

6 month/Sitting up Portraits

Costa Mesa baby portrait photo, pink and white, gilmore studios

When should I schedule my 6 month session?

When your baby can sit up without falling over and before they are pulling themselves up or crawling.

What should I bring to the session?

You should bring 2-3 outfits and your baby’s favorite stuffed animal or baby blanket.

Can I bring my family or siblings to be in the photos?

We prefer that you make this session all about the baby. If you want to have a sibling pop in for a quick photo, that is not a problem!

Cake Smash Portraits

circus themed 1st birthday portrait photo, popcorn cake, smashcake photographer


What should we do to start the planning process? 

Start thinking of a theme that you or your 1 year old will love. Having a birthday party? Use the same theme as the party and let us create your birthday invitations!

When should I book my cake smash session?

We prefer that you book 3 to 4 weeks in advance so we will have time to gather the props for your theme, the backdrop, and get the custom cake ordered.

Do I need to bring my own cake?

No, we work with a local bakery to make the perfect cake for your session. Each cake is colorful, unique and delicious! We will even box it up for you to take home afterwards.

How long will I need to wait to see the photos? 

You will come back to the studio for your ordering session about 2 weeks after the session. At this appointment you can order albums, prints, digital files, or wall art.

What if my 1 year old doesn’t like sticky/messy hands?

Don’t worry! This is very common at this age. We have a few tricks that for these kids and we will still get plenty of great shots, even if they refuse to touch the cake.

Family Portraits

Back Bay family portrait photo in Newport Beach, CA

How far in advance should I book my family portrait?

If you’re coming in from out of town and have a small window for your family portrait, we suggest you reserve your session at least 6 weeks in advance. Local families should try to book 3 to 4 weeks in advance if possible.

What is the best time of day to photograph my family portrait?

The ideal time is 1 to 2 hours before sunset or early in the morning.  If we are doing a park, we have more wiggle room with the time.

Debutante Portraits

debutante portrait session in the garden

Where do we go to get our debutante portraits?

We have a half acre garden located in Newport beach where we do portrait sessions. There is a gazebo, bridge, rocks, and trees. It is a beautiful setting for a debutante session. We are also able to go to other locations. If you want to be photographed with your horse, we will come to you. If you want to go on the beach, no problem! Let us know what you are thinking.

What do we need to bring to the debutante session?
We will have the gloves and the necklace. You will want to come with your dress and shoes that are appropriate for the hemline. Please make sure your hair and make up is already done. If you want to do a senior photo after your debutante photo, bring one change of clothes.

Well you see my nails?

Yes. Most girls like to do photos with and without the white gloves so make sure your nails are painted.

Will you see the whole dress in the portrait?

Yes. We will shoot full length as well as close up. We will also photograph the back of the dress with debutante looking over her shoulder.

Headshot Portraits

on location, outdoor office headshots by Gilmore Studios, company photography, Newport Beach, CA

Where do I go to get my headshot portraits done?

Headshots are taken at our studio in Costa Mesa. We always advise our clients to do an indoor more “corporate” look but also an outdoor look as well.

Do I need to make an appointment for headshots?

Yes, please call or email the studio to make an appointment. Headshots are quick and painless! Most people prefer to stop by early and get them done on the way to work in the morning.

Will you retouch my photo?

Of course! The image that you decide to choose will have light retouching. If you require major retouching (outfit color changes, weight reduction, etc.) Please let us know. There will be an additional fee.

My entire staff needs new headshots, can I get a group rate?

Yes. Group rates are available and if you have more than 5 people wanting headshots. We can also bring the studio to you for larger groups! Contact the studio for a custom quote. (949)698-3968

Can you resize my image for web use?

Yes. We can give you a social media/web version of your headshot at no charge. Just let us know when you make your appointment.