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Big Canyon Country Club Wedding – Brittany + Kellian


We met Kellian a few years ago when we were fortunate enough to photograph her brother’s wedding (Matt and Karen).  Fast forward to when she and Brittany got engaged and we were so honored they asked us to capture their big day.  It started out at Big Canyon Country club where they finished getting ready and then they had their first look with their dads. Such a sweet moment.  Then – they wanted to do their first look before heading over to the church. Doing a first look with our couples is one of our most favorite moments.  It is one of the only times in the day when it is truly just the couple spending some quality moments together.  If you haven’t thought about doing a first look – let’s chat.  So many positive reasons to do it!  The group headed over to the CDM Community Church where they had a beautiful ceremony performed by a friend that is on the CA Supreme Court.  The florals transformed the chapel in a beautiful way. We headed back to the Big Canyon Country Club to enjoy an amazing reception that had heart warming toasts, delicious food and an amazing band (with Kellian singing one of the songs).  It was a beautiful day and one we won’t forget.


Church – CDM Community Church

Reception Venue – Big Canyon Country Club, 1 Big Canyon Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660

Planner – Brandi Bradford with Brandi Jane Events

Entertainment/Live Band – James Gang

Videographer – Sohi Productions

Floral Design – French Buckets

Makeup – Vanity Belle



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About the couple

How did you guys meet?

As with many couples, timing is everything; thankfully, the timing lined up, and nearly 7 years later, we’re engaged to be married. 

We met in-person for the first time at our mutual friend Jessica’s graduation party. Jessica and I were close friends in high school and Brittany met Jessica while they were in grad school. Throughout grad school, Jessica kept insisting I need to meet Brittany because we would be perfect together. Unbeknownst to me, Jessica was saying the same thing to Brittany. Timing, however, was not our friend. Brittany was single for most of grad school, while I remained in a relationship. When we finally met in-person in 2014 at the graduation party, we both were in relationships. Even though we both were committed to someone else when we met at the party, butterflies definitely fluttered and sparks definitely flew for both of us. We still remember what the other was wearing that night. 

In August 2014, three months after the grad party, Jessica got married and Brittany and I both attended her wedding. Timing did not improve. I was now single, but Brittany remained in a relationship. In the months following the wedding, I remained single and focused on law school while Brittany ended her relationship and focused on her therapy practice. Around Thanksgiving 2014, I decided to delve into the world of online dating for the first time and Brittany decided to reboot her online dating profile, both of us ready to take another chance on love. On November 30, 2014, I came across Brittany’s dating profile and immediately swiped right. I did it so fast I didn’t get the chance to review her profile or anything — just saw her picture and swiped. Later that day, I received a DM from Brittany and, after texting non-stop for 5 days, we went on our first date on December 5, 2014.  Timing was finally on our side. We’ve been going on dates ever since, with our biggest date coming up on March 12, 2022, where we’ll say “I do!”

the proposal!

For us, there is not just one proposal to share, but two! Brittany and I both wanted to be proposed to and to propose — something not many couples get to experience. Who would propose first was the fun challenge that I ended up winning. Who won “Best Proposal,” however, 100% goes to Brittany.

Kellian’s Proposal:

Throughout our relationship, I had several ideas of how I would propose to Brittany, but I solidified my idea in April 2021 while on the beach late at night with my sister and a bottle of wine. The plan was to secretly buy Brittany a new BMW, tell her we had a nice family dinner to go to, then when we head out, I’d switch out her old car keys in her purse for the new BMW keys, then when she went to grab the keys, she’d unlock the new BMW, we’d drive up the coast to a secluded spot in Laguna Beach, and I’d propose. Well, things didn’t go according to plan. She ended up getting the BMW earlier than anticipated (a whole other story to tell) so now I had to come up with a new idea to propose. I remembered Brittany told me during the first few years of us dating that she wouldn’t marry me until I sang for her. I play the guitar and piano and write songs and sing, but I had put that dream to rest long before Brittany and I started dating. Throughout our relationship I tried to write a song about Brittany and us, but it was never perfect enough. Even though Brittany hadn’t brought up her “condition” to marrying me in awhile and even though I had failed every prior attempt to write her a song, I decided to give it my best shot and propose to her after singing her a song I wrote for her. This plan worked. She met me at Ruby Street Park in Laguna Beach at sunset on April 30, 2021, I played and sang the song I wrote for her, then got down on one knee and asked her to marry me to which she said “yes!” 


Brittany’s Proposal:

When I tell people how Brittany proposed to me, jaws drop multiple times, several “come on!” statements are made, and everyone now wants Brittany to help them propose. It starts with a little background of our guilty pleasure show, The Bachelor/Bachelorette. We, for some reason, love these shows and watch them every season. Anyone who knows me knows I love big grand gestures and The Bachelor Franchise has no shortage of outlandish dates and rose ceremonies. Well, Brittany’s proposal started off with me watching a video of Chris Harrison (former host of the The Bachelor/Bachelorette) telling me (yes he said my name multiple times) that Brittany, the bachelorette, decided to skip the entire season and go straight to the rose ceremony which I am invited to attend. Chris told me there is a car waiting for me downstairs and I have 1-hour to get ready. He wasn’t kidding about the 1-hour time crunch so I got ready as fast as I could. WHile doing so, Brittany had left me my favorite Chardonnay (Cakebread) along with 6 stunning dresses with matching heels to choose from and wear that night. After I was ready, I was greeted by my limo driver who drove me to a private airport in Orange County. Normally you have to get dropped off at the airport and you can’t be dropped off on the tarmac in front of the aircraft, but Brittany wanted to go big so she pulled strings and had the limo driver drive me onto the tarmac, ultimately stopping in front of a helicopter where Brittany was standing with a rose in hand waiting for me. It doesn’t end there. We boarded the helicopter and had a custom flight path of Brittany having us fly over all of the places where she fell more in love with me. Yes, I am not kidding. We flew over our first date, our first kiss, our first place together, our favorite coffee shop, our childhood homes, and so many other places and ultimately ending on top of a mountain top in Malibu overlooking the ocean. After champagne and strawberries were served, Brittany got down on one knee and asked me to marry her to which I, of course, said “yes!” 

How to propose to the love of your life is by far one of the toughest questions to answer. Then when you tack on what ring to buy, the pressure becomes overwhelming. All this to say, if you are the one to be proposed to, remember to appreciate the time, effort, sweat, tears, worry, fear, oh and money, your partner put into the proposal because it is undeniable. 



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