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Truly unique children’s photography portraits

All the photographers at Gilmore Studios are parents so we are experts at taking photos of little ones. 🙂  All it takes is a well placed distraction and letting them have a little fun! Over the 14 years in business, we have learned the secrets of letting kids be kids and capturing the perfect moments in-between.  

It goes by so fast, be sure to save every memory.

One year old girl with her family at the Back Bay in Newport Beach

The growing years of our children is significant and MUST be documented. It is a special and magical phase of life where we watch our babies go from being newborns to teenagers. It’s also a great way to reminisce with them in the future and go over the days gone by together. What better way to do that than with portraits? Actually, it’s the only way to do that!

Photographing 3 little boys at the Newport pier

However any parent who has attempted to take even a selfie with their kid will tell you how much of impossibility it is to take a single perfect shot. Taking portraits of any age group is hard enough and photographing children, especially the very young ones is an exercise in patience best left to the professionals.

As your child grows up, it is a good idea to document the stages through childhood; right from their first birthday to their graduation – every part of it will be wonderful and bring back great memories when you look back at the photographs later on. There will always be various points in the life of your child that you’d want to keep in record. It might be their first participation in a sports game or another event in their life which you do not to forget very quickly.

To photograph children’s portraits, there are several factors worth considering in order to achieve great shots.

The best time of day for photos

Mother holding baby girl up in front of a beautiful sunset at Corona Del Mar.


While photographing kids portraits, it is important to take into consideration the time of the day, as this will significantly affect the result of the portrait. There is something called the “golden hour,” in photography. This refers to the best times of the day to capture photographs. The ideal time to photograph is usually in the late afternoon. This probably has a lot of science behind it, but being professionals that we are, we discover that taking shots by this time brings greats results.  We also love early morning sessions when kiddos seem to be the happiest.

Finding the perfect location

The Newport Back Bay is a great place for your kids portrait session.

Another thing to consider is the photo session’s location. The first thing to decide is whether you want to be outdoors or in the studio. We prefer to take children’s portraits outdoors as this brings the best results. However, for children less than one year old, we recommend a studio session. The first advantage of outdoor photography is the light. The sun gives us warm tones in the shade or amazing edge light from behind. We can always find totally different looks a few steps away from each other. Another advantage to an outdoor session is kids tend to open up and let their real personalities show!

Outfits and colors and patterns, OH MY!

Outfit ideas for a kids portrait session in Newport Beach, CA

In addition, it is equally important to choose the right outfit for your child for a photo session; as the outfit can turn an otherwise great photo into a bad one. When selecting clothes for your child’s session, we advise you to choose simple and plain outfit for your kids. Clothing with logos or writings should be avoided, as they have the possibility of taking away the focus of the photograph from who the photograph should be all about (your kid!). If you are having trouble with outfits, we are here for you! Don’t hesitate to drop us an email with a couple outfit photos. We will let you know what works best.

Rewards make for great photos

We know that some kids won’t just sit and let us take their photo, don’t worry- we have a few tricks that continue to get great results. It’s never a bad idea to bring a few edible incentives. You’d be amazed at what kids will do for a few Smarties candies! Please leave anything chocolate at home, kids seem to always find ways to ruin their shirt or dress! We’ve also seen that getting ice cream after the session is a great incentive.

Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are very popular and only happen a few times a year. Be sure to sign up to our newsletter to get an invite! Mini sessions sell out quickly so be sure to sign up when your invitation arrives . They are typically designed around holidays and are always fun and unique. These sessions are designed for young children and are not recommended for families. Family mini sessions happen once a year (Christmas in October) They happen at a different location every year so stay tuned!