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Gilmore Studios was established back in 2002 in Newport Beach, CA by husband and wife photographers, Brian and Jennifer Gilmore. They started out as wedding photographers but as their couples grew into families, the portrait side of their business took off. Today you could say they specialize in people. From fine wedding photography, commercial and events to family, children and newborn photography, Jennifer and Brian love capturing all stages of life for their clients.

The studio

We are located in TWO locations. A residential neighborhood in Newport Beach, CA and Gilbert, AZ Our small Newport Beach studio is part of a 1/2 acre garden. We get the benefit of having studio space as well as an outdoor garden to photograph our clients. Our studio in Arizona is air conditioned which is the most important detail - lol.

Get to know the Gilmores

Fun facts:

Do you like working together?

Absolutely, it's the best!

How long have you been married?

Since 2003

Do you have kids?

Yes, three boys

Brian Gilmore

Brian Gilmore is a commercial, wedding & portrait photographer at Gilmore Studios. Brian runs the social media, blog, and marketing department at the studio.

Jennifer Gilmore

Jennifer Gilmore is the owner/founder of Gilmore Studios and a photographer. Jennifer runs the daily tasks of the studio and keeps the business running.

Our Story

Jennifer has always had a passion for photography. After earning her degree in psychology, Jennifer got a job as a wedding photographer's assistant. Jennifer worked hard practicing her skills and was soon asked to be the lead photographer at a wedding.


Filled with nerves and excitement, Jennifer called Brian (her boyfriend at the time) and asked him to be her second shooter. Brian had never touched a professional camera but agreed to help. To their surprise, they made a great photography team and continued to work together.


As they developed their camera skills, the photos got better and better. Later that same year, Brian shot as a lead photographer for this same company! Before they knew it, they were getting married and starting their own photography business together. That was back in 2003 and they never looked back.


Today, they have photographed hundreds of weddings (over 500) and even more portraits together. As their brides and grooms grew into families, the portrait side of the business would also grow. Their newborn, family, and kids portrait business took off and they have enjoyed photographing thousands of clients & friends over the years.

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Newport Beach, CA & Gilbert, AZ

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