Gilmore Studios is a husband and wife team that serves Orange County, Los Angeles, and San Diego areas. We specialize in fine wedding photography, family portraits, and newborn photography. Our studio has been in business since 2002.


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Our Studio

  • We are located in a residential neighborhood in Newport Beach, CA. Our small studio is part of a 1/2 acre garden. We get the benefit of having studio space as well as an outdoor garden to photograph our clients.

    Feel free to call or text (949) 698-3968 for directions.

  • Sit back, grab a water and relax while we photograph your little one. Our studio was built with families in mind! We have a changing table in the studio for your convenience and want to make the experience as easy for you as possible.

  • Having a hard time with outfits and accessories? Don't worry, you are welcome to use any of our beanies, headbands, necklaces, or baby outfits.

  • We have invested thousands of dollars into our backdrops. Have an idea for a color scheme or theme, let us know!

  • We are always on the hunt for props. We have built hundreds of sets for our clients. It's always fun to hit the antique stores or craft store to find the perfect accent for your session.

Meet Brian

  • Hey!
    I'm Brian Gilmore.
    I am a wedding & portrait photographer at Gilmore Studios. I also run the social media, blog and marketing department here at the studio.

  • I started my first band with my friends when I was 14. My band "My Superhero" played from 1994 until 2003, then we called it quits until 2011 for a reunion show. We recorded 4 albums and toured around the country with some great bands. We also did warped tour 2 years in a row. You can hear our music on Spotify & iTunes. I sing and play bass & guitar, and currently play bass in the band GOGO13.

  • In 2006, Jennifer and I went to our first hockey game in person. In 2007 we got to witness the Anaheim Ducks take the Stanley Cup and I've been hooked ever since! We've continued to go every season and when we can't make it to a game, I watch it at home. To help fund my hockey addiction, I started a small clothing company called

  • Some of my best memories from childhood were camping and fishing with my family. Now that I am a dad, I want to pass that onto my boys. We restored an old 70's trailer and love to take it out on adventures in the desert, beach, and mountains!

  • I love cars. Jennifer thinks it's a problem. I've owned too many cars to count since the age of 15. Jennifer loved the 1965 Thunderbird I had when we first met. I ended up selling that car to help with the expense of a wedding ring :)
    The latest project is our 1956 Oldsmobile Rocket 88. It's our beach car in the summer and our car show cruiser when we have free weekends. The kids love getting dropped off at school in it. They like to look for other old cars while driving around. I hope to pass on my love for classic cars and restore something for them in high school some day!

Meet Jennifer

  • Hi!
    I'm Jennifer Gilmore.
    I am a wedding & portrait photographer and also the owner/founder of Gilmore Studios!

  • I'm surrounded by boys and wouldn't have it any other way. Some people ask if we are going to "try" for a girl. When I think about it, I'm not sure I would know what to do with a girl, after being around boys for so long. :)

  • I love hot chocolate! I used to have this every morning as I started my day. Once I had kids - there was no time to relax. :) My favorite hot chocolate was in Switzerland. Too bad I've never been back. If you know any good places locally to get hot chocolate, definitely let me know.

  • Brian had major issues with my music collection when we first started dating. One CD we BOTH had was Ben Folds Five. We have gone to see him (and the band) more times than I can count.
    "The Luckiest" was the song we danced to at our wedding.

  • Ever since I was little I have LOVED astronaut ice cream! I search high and low when we are in different states trying to find it. I've been known to buy it by the case online and savor every bite! Neopolitan is my favorite.

  • I'm the 6th of 7 children. Yes - you read right. My parents (who are still married) have 7 kids. Six girls and one boy stuck right smack dab in the middle. Crazy, right? Now that Brian & I have kids - I don't know HOW they did it - but I'm glad they did (especially since I'm almost the caboose). :)

How it Began

The college days

Jennifer has always had a passion for photography. From her early days, photographing students for the school yearbook to her college years- taking photography classes. She has always had a love for the camera. After earning her degree in psychology, she found herself wondering if she could still pursue her dream of being a photographer. She worked for her father’s software company during the week, and found a job as a wedding photographer’s assistant on Saturdays. That’s when the photo bug really got her! She fluffed dresses, changed film, and soaked in all that she could from these weddings.

First Photography Job

Digital photography had just hit the market for professionals and the industry was about to change. Jennifer bought her first digital camera and started taking it to weddings. Her boss let her practice shooting during the reception and was curious how her photos were turning out. After showing him the digital images, he decided it was time for her to be a second shooter! She worked hard over the next year photographing weddings every weekend.

One morning the phone rang and her boss told her she would be needed for a wedding. She thought, sure- no problem, until he told her she would be shooting the wedding alone as the lead photographer! Someone had called in sick, and he was desperate to find someone. Jennifer was scared to death. She had never been a lead photographer before. She called Brian (her boyfriend at the time) and said, “I hope you own a suit because you are coming to a wedding today!”

Give Brian a Camera?

Brian had never touched a professional camera, but she assured him that she would give him a quick lesson and would change the settings for him – all he would need to do is push the button when prompted. (Brian was her wedding photography insurance plan!) He would stand off to the side with his camera- after Jennifer took the center shot, she would ask the couple to look at Brian for the side angle. This quickly turned into a routine for that day. After the wedding was over, they rushed home to check the photos. There had to be something salvageable between the two cameras! To their surprise, the photos were good, even Brian’s photos were usable! That’s when Brian realized he would be giving all of his Saturdays to Jennifer for years to come.

As they developed their camera skills, the photos got better and better. They worked out a system of where they would stand and what shots they needed. Later that same year, Brian would end up shooting as a lead for this same company! Before they knew it, they we’re getting married and starting their own photography business together. That was back in 2003 and they never looked back.

Success in an over-saturated market

Today, they have photographed hundreds of weddings and even more portraits together. As their brides and grooms grew into families, the portrait side of the business would also grow. Their newborn, family, and kids portrait business took off and they have enjoyed photographing thousands of clients & friends over the years.

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