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LDS Wedding Photographer – Newport Beach Temple

Kerrie & Shaun – Newport Beach Temple + Laguna Cliffs Marriott

Congrats Kerrie & Shaun!  These two were adorable together.  They don’t live in California but wanted to come out for their wedding. We were more than excited to be their LDS wedding photographer!  They have the cutest blended family ever and we are so happy for the two of them.  Kerrie and Shaun were sealed together at the LDS Newport Beach Temple and had their reception at the Laguna Cliffs Marriott in Dana Point, CA.

How did you meet?

HAHA-  I do not love our “how we met story” because we met online and I fought so HARD not wanting to get online, but I did and ironically we have dated quasi-online ever since because it has been long distance so the majority of our communication is thru texting or long nightly phone calls.

He made some corny introduction online which I didn’t get or at least didn’t appreciate and when I finally responded he didn’t get my sarcasm so it is a wonder anything took off.  He is actually super witty and charming in word (and in person) so lucky for me he persisted.

After a few weeks things really clicked and we never looked back.  From there it has been a whirlwind long distance dating/engagement and wedding planning.  He has 7 kids and I have 1 and what we are starting could be big and messy and tricky but he has never doubted or looked back and he has kindly held my hand throughout the whole thing,

This man that I am marrying is every good word I could ever think of.

The Proposal!

We had spent all this time learning about each other on our phones.  After about 3 weeks chatting on the dating app he deleted his account which was darling and cute but it meant we lost all of our first correspondence which always made me sad and then right before Christmas I updated my phone and lost all of our text messages.  I mentioned before what a wonderful text-er he is and I was so sad to lose some of the amazing things he had written.

New Years eve (technically new years day) after we got back to my house and put my little one to sleep he told me he had one more present for me and I proceeded to open up this big Shutterfly book of 100 pages of all of our text messages and pictures.  He had screen shot all of them from his phone and transferred it to this book.  So we flipped through them and ohh’d and ahh’d about old memories and some of the first ones or some funny times and I was kind of done cause it is 100 pages and I didn’t think I was suppose to look through all of them but he took the book and flipped to the last page where is had this really nice message about how much he loved me and when I looked up he was on his knee with a ring.

I was completely shocked and surprised because although we had talked about being together forever we had never talked about rings except one time I told him there was NO way he should try to pick out a ring without my input!  So I had assumed it wasn’t on the horizon. It was kind of perfect and now we have this wonderful coffee table book of our love.


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