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Calamigos Equestrian Wedding Photographer

LA Temple & Los Angeles Equestrian Center Wedding – Stacy & Ron

This was the third wedding we have photographed for this family! We love this couple’s story. Stacy and Ron are amazing together and they didn’t need much direction when it came to photography! We got to meet up a couple days before their wedding for a first look session at the Los Angeles LDS Temple. You’ll be able tell the difference by her bouquet 🙂 It was sort of a dress rehearsal, but Ron was as nervous as a groom on the wedding day! We were able to get all of the couple’s photos done so that the actual wedding day would be family photos only. This was a perfect summer day made for a Calamigos Equestrian Wedding!

Calamigos Equestrian Wedding

After the Temple exit, we quickly ran through all the family combos and made our way to Burbank for the reception. The Calamigos Ballroom is located in the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. This property is massive (75 acres) and sits inside the historic Griffith Park.

The venue is surrounded by large fields of green grass and sycamore trees. It has a really cool vintage feel about it! We loved walking around the grounds with the couple before the guests arrived for the reception. The Calamigos Equestrian Wedding venue is amazing!

Couple’s questionnaire

How did you guys meet?

Ron and I met way back in Summer of 2011 at our first summer out at BYU. He remembers the first time he saw me and exactly what I was wearing. I don’t. It’s only a vague memory in my mind. Apparently, I leave a pretty good first impressions. Anyways, it took him about a week to ask me on a date and it was an amazing first date. We clicked so well and I thought he was so cute. But apparently, he thought otherwise because he hard core friend-zoned me the next day. Well that only lasted 4 days until he kissed me and realized I was worth braking this no steady dating the first term out at school. We dated off and on and did a lot of long distance the next few years. Both of us served missions then we dated when we got home and it took me longer than him to realize that he was the one that I wanted to spend forever with but when I finally did, he got down on one knee and I said yes. The rest is history and we both couldn’t be happier.

In your own words…the proposal!

On February 3, 2017, Ron and I went on a date. I had told him previously that when he proposed, I needed to be wearing my fancy make up and something super cute. Well that weekend, we had tickets to go to Mary Poppins. Earlier in the week, he said we should make it a fun fancy Broadway type thing and that both of us should dress up. That was the first time my proposal radar started going off, but we had gone ring shopping for the second time the week before so I assumed he didn’t have the ring yet, and I knew, or so I thought, he hadn’t talked to my dad yet so I chalked it off as him trying to make sure he was sneaky when he actually proposed by making me dress up and get fancy multiple times.

Anyway, that day I was a little late getting ready so Ron got to my house about 15 minutes before I was done doing my hair and makeup. I rushed to finish and was so worried we were going to be late for dinner that when I was done, I ran downstairs and went to run out the door even though I saw him in the kitchen because I was trying to hurry. Sarah, my roommate, stopped me in the doorway and sternly told me to turn around. I did, and Ron was standing behind me in a grey suit and was holding a dozen red carnations. I smiled and told him thank you, put the flowers in a vase then went to run out. Sarah smiled at me and said “You’re gonna love it.” I thought she was talking about the show. She wasn’t. I thanked her, and we ran out.

First, he took me to dinner at Communal. Meanwhile, I think during this whole date I had a feeling that I should try to remember every detail because I was thinking that maybe this kind of had a proposal night feel to it, but I kept reminding myself that he hadn’t asked my dad and didn’t have a ring yet because he hadn’t been to California and we went ring shopping the week before so I kept trying to shrug it off. Dinner was great and then we were off to the show. Mary Poppins was really good and after the show Ron said he had one more place he wanted to take me. Again, my proposal radar tinged a little bit, but I was sure he hadn’t asked my dad and didn’t have a ring yet. Anyways, after the show we walked over to the Hinckley building on BYU campus. He took me over there then we walked over to the gazebo behind the building which is where we had our first kiss.

After we got there, he started hugging me and music started playing. The song was Just a Kiss by Lady Antebellum, which is our song, and he started talking about how much I mean to him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life with me and all that cute stuff. Again, proposal radar going insane, but he didn’t have the two more important items. Meanwhile as soon as he started hugging me, I could tell his heart was racing, and he sounded super nervous so another ping on the radar for that one. Then after he said he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, he took a deep breath then half to himself half out loud, he said “I just have to do it.” Another ping but still in denial. Then he got down on one knee and pulled out this gorgeous ring out of nowhere. A lot of people ask if I cried and I didn’t, I think it was because I was in total shock that this was actually happening Seeing him down on one knee in front of me with a gorgeous ring in a black velvet box just didn’t register for a bit. After a few second of me just staring at him, I finally said yes, and the rest is history!

Slide show of the entire day:


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Wedding Venue: Los Angeles LDS Temple

Reception Venue: Calamigos Equestrian Ballroom

Video: Captilife

Photo: Brian & Jennifer Gilmore Studios

Bride’s Shoes: Betsey Johnson

Wedding colors: White, Silver, Light Teal, Slate Grey, Pale Yellow, and Coral


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