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Elegant Marbella Country Club Wedding | San Juan Capistrano, CA

Marbella Country Club Wedding – Sarah and Anthony

Our Story (from Bride and groom)

Anthony and I met at Nordstrom in 2010. I got hired in Kidswear and he worked in Kids Shoes. From the first time I saw him I thought he was so cute and had an immediate crush on him. From there it worked out that everyone from work went to In Cahoots one night, including Anthony and I. That night, my outside of work friends were meeting me to go to dinner. Anthony called on behalf of everyone at work to invite me to go out. My friends had just gotten to my house to leave for dinner and I was so excited Anthony (my crush) was calling me, I said “uhh let me call you right back” and hung up and freaked out that he had called. I told my friends I couldn’t hang out with them anymore and they understood and left. I went by myself to meet up with everyone from work but mainly to hang out with Anthony. Him and I were talking that night and at one point we walked through a swarm of people to reach our friends. He grabbed my hand to guide me through the crowd and once we got to the other end, I didn’t let go of his hand. From that moment on, he knew that I liked him and the rest was history 🙂

To this day, when we think back about the first night we hung out and we both laugh because he thought I didn’t like him since I basically hung up on him. We also think how lucky we are to have met each other and how easily and smoothly our relationship fell into place. We dated for about a month- hung out every single day and night (since we worked together) until we couldn’t since Anthony was going to Tahiti for his sisters wedding. Before he left, he told me he loved me. Since he was my first boyfriend, I had no clue what love meant or felt like, so I responded “thank you”. He was in Tahiti for about the 2 longest weeks of my life. I had never felt such emotions of missing someone so deeply, thinking about them at all times and all of the anxiety and excitement that comes with what I learned was being “in love” for the first time. When Anthony came back, he surprised me by being home a day early. While he was gone, I had a grand plan of how I was going to tell him I love him, but since he came back early, I didn’t get to tell him I loved him the way I had planned. But I still wanted to make it special so I quickly came up with a new plan. I had him meet me by a gazebo on the lake near my house. There I had set up with candles spelling “I Love You” and as he walked up, I explained the reasons why I like him so much and eventually that I loved him.

Fast Forward 4 years and Anthony proposed to me at the same spot I told him I loved him. He had set up a beautiful arrangement of candles and flowers leading to a shape of a heart where he would propose to me. The day he proposed, he told me we were going to dinner with his parent. Naturally we got dressed up and were ready to go. 5 minutes before we left, my friend called and said “Sara don’t freak out but Chloe (my dog) got off the leash at the park and my sister and her couldn’t find her” Of course instead of going to dinner, we rushed over to the spot where they were at. As we were walking up, Anthony stopped me, told me Chloe is OK and blind folded me. From that moment on, I knew what was up. We got closer and he removed the blind fold where I was greeted by our closest family and friends and the beautiful set up he had planned. I balled my eyes out as he proposed and will never forget the emotions of love and happiness we share with our family and friends that day.A year later, we got married where Jennifer and Brian perfectly and beautifully captured our wedding day and more importantly the love Anthony and I share for one another. I hope that I didn’t ramble too much, but that is pretty much our love story summed up in a few paragraphs:)Advice to brides: Try your best not to care so much about all the details and getting wrapped up in the planning. Just believe whatever is meant to happen will happen and I am confident your day will be drama free, and the most memorable day of your life. Also, make decisions based on you and your better half want rather than what everyone else wants you to do.
Wedding day slide show:

Anthony & Sara from Gilmore Studios on Vimeo.

Wedding day video by Plug Films

Sara & Anthony from Plug Wedding Films on Vimeo.


Wedding vendors:

Wedding Coordinator/designer: Annie w/ Backstage-A-Fare

Venue: Marbella Country Club

Photography: Brian and Jennifer Gilmore Studios

Video: Dan w/Plug Films

Wedding dress by: Lazaro

Groomsmen attire: Nordstroms

Grooms wedding shoes: Magnanni

Bridesmaid dresses by: Matthew Christopher

Makeup by: Beeta Beauty

Wedding rentals by: Signature Party Rentals

DJ: Payam Kamyar

About the photographers

Brian and Jennifer Gilmore are a husband and wife wedding photographer team in Orange County, CA. They have been photographing weddings together since 2003. Contact us for more info about booking your wedding in the Southern California area.

Brian and Jennifer Gilmore specialize in wedding photography in Costa Mesa, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Laguna Beach, Dana Point, Huntington Beach, and surrounding areas in OC and Los Angeles, CA. 

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